‘Minecraft’ PSVR Support is Coming This Month

Sony announced on Monday morning that it had planned an entire week of PlayStation VR game announcements, and it began with a major announcement for Minecraft players. MY BLOG The popular sandbox game will be updated with a no-cost update to all PS4 players later in the month.

Mojang has been working on it since Sony gave it the green light to bring cross-platform play and the Bedrock version of Minecraft to PS4 in the year before. SkyBox Labs has helped it to improve the virtual reality technology that it employs on other platforms to support PSVR.

You’ll be in a position to play the entire game of Minecraft in PSVR after the update. There will be two main VR modes which include Immersive (i.e. an immersive screen) and more settings to help you adjust how the game plays to your preference.

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There’s no date for the release of the patch yet, as Mojang and SkyBox are applying the finishing touches to the update. But if you have a PSVR headset you’ll soon be able to experience Minecraft in a new way.

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